Basic Information on Registration and Coursework

Thursday, January 10th, 2013, 10:39 WIB

Basic Information on Registration and Coursework

Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) 

January 21-25, 2013

2012-2013 Academic Year, Second Semester

Ph.D. in Interreligious Studies (IRS)


Tuition Payment

The amount of the tuition fees is subject to the following rules:

Year Enrolled

Amount (full-tuition fee)

2007; 2008

IDR 10,000,000 (Indonesian);  USD 2,000 (foreign)

2009; 2010; 2011; 2012

IDR 12,000,000 (Indonesian); USD 2,400 (foreign)


  • Full tuition is charged for all the semesters but there is a possible subsidy of half-tuition when students pass their comprehensive examinations
  • All scholarships provided through ICRS-Yogya cover full tuition for two years (4 semesters), and half tuition for the last two years (4 semesters)


  • ICRS Scholarship students:

Your tuition will be directly deducted from your scholarship. However, you are required to sign your contract each semester. If your scholarship does not cover your full-tuition, you should pay the difference through the ICRS Bank account.    

  • Non-ICRS scholarship/Other Sponsored/Self-Financing students:

You should pay your tuition through the ICRS Bank account and give the receipt to the ICRS Finance Officer. If you are not able to pay your tuition by the due date because of delay from your sponsor, you should write a letter to the associate director and enclose it with an official statement from your sponsor. 

Tuition Payment Due & Fine 

To register, you should pay your tuition fee during the registration date (January 21-25, 2013). Late payment is subject to a fine of IDR 10,000/day and should not be later than two weeks from the due date. If you fail to pay your tuition by February 15, 2013, you will not be allowed to take part in any academic activities during the corresponding semester.  

IMPORTANT: Starting from the 2012-2013 Academic Year, a pro-rated policy for those who do not meet the deadline of their comprehensive examinations and dissertations applies after one month from the registration week. If the delay is within one month after the registration, payment of tuition will be based on percentage according to UGM Graduate School’s policy. 

Leave of Absence 

You may take a leave of absence during the semester by writing a request to the Associate Director of ICRS-Yogya/ICRS Academic Committee. During the leave of absence, you do not have to pay tuition but your semester will not be considered active.  Please be advised of the following requirements: 

  1. Students are allowed to take leaves of absence ONLY after passing Comprehensive Examinations and for a maximum of two semesters during their Ph.D. program at ICRS-Yogya.
  2. Students who receive BPPS or DIKTIS scholarships are not eligible to take a leave of absence.  
  3. Students who are previously on leaves of absence, should write to the UGM Graduate School in order to reactive their status (form is available).

KRS & Progress Report 

KRS (lit. Study Plan Card) is a form on which students will write down their proposed academic works for each semester, including doctoral courses.  The form should be signed by students’ academic supervisors/promoters. Students should submit their signed forms to the ICRS Registrar during the registration week.  Continuing students should also write their progress reports on the forms available at the ICRS Office.  

Coursework (1st Year) 

Doctoral students take 12 graduate credits (SKS) each semester for their first year.  These include the 3 credits of required doctoral seminars on the Classical Theories for the Study of Religion in Indonesia each semester, plus at least one other ICRS-Yogya seminar (3 credits) per semester for a total of 6 ICRS-Yogya doctoral credits. The other 6 elective units may be selected from ICRS-Yogya seminars or from other graduate courses at UGM, UIN SK and UKDW.  Doctoral students have access to selected courses from the combined offerings of CRCS at UGM, the S2 and S3 Graduate Programs of UIN and the Graduate Programs in Theology at UKDW.  For the second semester, 2012-2013 Academic Year, ICRS offers the following doctoral courses:


Course Name



IRS 801

Required: History of Religions in Indonesia


Bernard Adeney-Risakotta& Sri Margana; Leonard C. Epafras (asscte. lecturer)

IRS 811

Cultural & Historical Studies of Religions


Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta & Agus Suwignyo

IRS 842

Religion and Public Policy


Dicky Sofjan & Dewi Haryani Susilastuti

IRS 840

Required: English for Academic Purposes


Jessica Peng

NOTE: ICRS classes will start from January 28 to May 10, 2013. Schedule will be notified later.

Class Size Limits 

  • The maximum number of students who may enroll in an ICRS doctoral seminar or course is 20.
  • ICRS doctoral faculty members may request a smaller limit, for example 10 or 15, for courses that require intensive interaction between all students.
  • If there are more than the maximum limit of students who wish to enroll in a course, the students will be accepted in the following order of priority: (a). First year, regular ICRS doctoral students; (b) ICRS students in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year; (c) Foreign Exchange Students on an exchange program with a partner institution; (d) Doctoral students from other doctoral programs at UGM, UIN Suka or UKDW; (e) Advanced Master’s students from CRCS (with written approval of the lecturer); (f) Advanced Master’s students from other programs at UGM, UIN or UKDW (with written approval from the lecturer).
  • Auditors are not permitted in classes that have reached their maximum limit of students taking the course for credit.
  • Elective (non-required) ICRS seminars and courses that have two or less students enrolled for credit will be cancelled. 
  • Classes with only 3-4 students may be cancelled at the discretion of the lecturer and administration of ICRS.
  • Required ICRS Doctoral Seminars will be held as long as there are at least 2 students enrolled for credit.  If a required course is cancelled, students may fulfill the requirement through a reading course with one of the intended instructors

 Auditing Policy 

  • Auditors are only permitted in ICRS doctoral courses with the expressed permission of the lecturers.  They must register for the course as auditors and fill in a form requesting to audit the course that must also be signed by one of the lecturers.

If you pay in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), please pay through:

Account number:             8883005017
Bank address:                 BNI 46 Cabang Pascasarjana UGM

If you pay in USD, please pay through:

Account name:           ICRS YOGYA

Account number:      0200329695

Bank name:                BNI 46

Bank address:            BNI 46 Cabang UGM Yogya, Jl.  Persatuan No. 1, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta

Swift Code:                 BNINIDJAXXX

Note: Please do not forget to write the swift code if

you transfer from outside Indonesian bank


  • Auditors are encouraged to participate fully in the class and complete all the assignments.  Teachers are not required to grade the work of auditors unless they are willing to for the sake of the student.  However auditors do not receive a letter grade and cannot change their status from audit to credit after the 7th week of class. 
  • Auditors are not permitted in classes that have exceeded the maximum number of students.

Non-ICRS Students 

  • Doctoral (S3) students from all the different faculties of UGM, UIN or UKDW are permitted to enroll in ICRS courses without charge, as long as the course does not exceed its maximum class size. 
  • Advanced M.A. students from UGM, UIN and UKDW may also enroll for credit or audit, without charge, as long as they have written permission from the lecturer and the class does not exceed its maximum limit. 
  • Foreign Exchange Students, both from ICRS and from other programs (such as CRCS), may also enroll without charge, subject to the conditions of permission from the lecturer, class size and priority listed above.

Adding and Dropping Courses 

  • Students may add or drop courses without penalty before the end of the 2nd week.  If they add a course, they are responsible to make up all the work they have missed during the first 2 weeks.   
  • From the 3rd week up until the end of the 7th week of the semester, students may withdraw from courses or change their status from credit to audit (with permission of the instructor).  Adding and dropping courses, and changes in status between credit and audit, are free for the first 2 weeks of class and will not be recorded on the student’s transcript.  From the beginning of the 3rd week until the end of the 7th week there is an administrative fee of Rp.30,000 for each course that is added, dropped (withdraw), or changed between audit and credit. 
  • After the 7th week of the semester, students may not change their status in a course and all credit students will eventually receive a grade that will be recorded on their permanent transcript.

 Grade Point Average Requirement 

  • All students must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA or IP) of at least 3.0 in order to remain in the doctoral program.  If a student’s GPA is below 3.0 at the end of the first semester, they will be put on probation.   
  • If their GPA is still below 3.0 at the end of the first year they will be dropped from the program.

 English Program  

  • Based on the ICRS new policy on language requirement, ICRS students are REQUIRED to take English for Academic Purpose. Students should pass this course before they may take their comprehensive examinations.  
  • Besides regular classes, ICRS provides also Individual Consultation with our English Instructurs. Students are responsible to arrange their meetings with her.


Yogyakarta, January 10, 2013

On behalf of ICRS Academic Committee



Dr. Siti Syamsiyatun