The Path of Faith

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010, 03:22 WIB
Name of Book :  The Path of Faith
Author :  Abdul Majid Al-Zindani
Publisher :  International Islamic Publishing House, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 1994
Al-Zindani has divided his book into two main parts. The first part is titled "The Importance of Faith in Allah" while the second part has no title but could be titled "The Path of Faith". At the first part, Al-Zindani discussed questions like; who brought you into this world? Whose property are you? Why were we created? Are we lost? What do we expect in the Death Yard? In a subtitle "The Strongest Bond", Al-Zindani says: "Man is in extreme need of realizing a permanent bond with his Lord. If he realizes it, he will save himself from all anxieties and he will live in the shade of his Lord's protection, confident, at ease and happy as seen in the lives of the true believers and has been learnt in the history of the true Muslims". Al-Zindani adds, "In this way we know that man's first duty is to recognize his Lord and his Lord's messenger to him".
At a subtitle "Light Which Dispels the Darkness", Al-Zindani says:
  • He who does not recognize his Creator lives in darkness.
  • He who does not recognize his Master Who does with him whatever He wants lives in darkness.
  • He who does not recognize the purpose of his creation and existence lives in darkness.
  • He who does not recognize the guidance and light which come from his Lord lives in darkness.
  • He who does not recognize his destiny to which he travels every day and which he will reach after death lives in darkness.
  • He who does not recognize the path to live in shade of his Lord's pleasure and protection lives in darkness.
  • He who does not recognize he way out of these clouds of darkness will remain in them and never come out.
At another subtitle "A Light Which Guides the Seekers", Al-Zindani says: "Just as the intelligent have responded to Allah's light, similarly, the researches of the modern sciences in the East and the West have returned to the pale of faith in God after having been chased from religion by monks, priests, and clergymen. The latter people had wanted to impose the religion of their own making on the minds of the researchers by force and these had abandoned religion in its entirety. But every time they attempted to flee from faith in God, they encountered His splendor and His signs revealed themselves to them. Every time they fabricated a theory in support of atheism, Allah uncovered for them some truth which played havoc with those spurious theories and the Divine portents forced them to return as missionaries calling towards faith in Him after they had acted as missionaries for atheism. Then he follows up with some examples could be read in the book. There are also some subtitles like "Faith is the Path of Action to Success and Salvation", "Knowledge is the Path of Faith", "The Danger of Blind Imitation in Faith", and "Civilization in Distress and There is No Except by Faith".
At part two, Al-Zindani says "We will see that when man wants to know a truth or learn matter about which he is ignorant then he must follow one out of the following three paths: 1.0 Observation and Reflection; 2.) Listening and Pondering; 3.) Visible Interaction. Then he explains each.
At the subtitle "The Obstinacy of the Unbelievers", Al-Zindani asked "What do these obstinate people want?" and then answered "They want to see Allah now with their eyes which are in their heads" and asked back, "But can these weak eyes see Allah openly?", then he says, "Come let us look at the power of the eye, which the unbelievers stipulate should see Allah before they believe". He then asked some questions among them, "Can it see the waves which are being emitted at this moment by radio, TV, and wireless stations throughout the world? The answer is NO". At the end of a long discussion, he says, "Teachers and lecturers speak every day to their students about hundreds of matter which the students have not seen yet they believe them... it would have been sufficient to use the same method to belive in God as they used in the other cases:
  1. To learn from trustworthy specialists in this field, in other words the prophets of Allah, whom Allah sealed with His final messenger, Muhammad (PBUH) after having ascertained the truthfulness of their prophet-hood and the proofs of their claim.
  2. To see the effects of the Creator on His creation throughout the heavens and the earth, for it is not possible for the obvious wisdom in the universe to be without a Wise Creator, for the knowledge to be without a Knower, etc. But it is only the obstinacy, ignorance, and pride.
At the end, Al Zindani says, "This is the path of faith - the path of knowledge and proof - the path of ascendance into the higher degrees:Allah will exalt those who believe among you, and those who have knowledge, to high ranks". (Qur'an 58:11)