Financial Aid

Does the ICRS fund all graduate students?

ICRS do not guarantee funding but works with students to locate and obtain scholarships for all qualified students who are accepted into the program.  We encourage all qualified students to apply to ICRS regardless of their financial situation. ICRS seeks excellent students with the assumption that we will help them find financial support for their education.

Does the program offer financial aid? Are international students eligible?

Yes, financial aid is offered. The financial aid is applicable either for Indonesian students or foreign students.

What kind of financial assistance is available to students in the Ph.D. Program?

Financial Aids in various forms are available to students. There are four categories of scholarship grants.

  • Grants from private, international and national funding agencies that are administrated by ICRS.  
  • Grants from the Indonesian government (Department of Education and Department of Religion).  
  • Grants from sponsoring educational institutions, foundations, governments or private businesses that students are awarded through their own initiative.  
  • Grants from.  

Further, ICRS also supports students with other financial aid, such as Work Study Funds and Students Loan Fund.

What is Work Study fund?

ICRS offers a Work-Study Fund to help students who need supplementary monthly support. Through this program, students able to work for these funds at a variety of tasks such as staffing the study lounge, working in the library, writing articles for local, national and international publications, writing reports and items for the ICRS website, editing and translating publications for ICRS, working as a research assistant or teaching assistant in an ICRS.

How many semesters is a student eligible for Financial Aid program?

A student is eligible to apply for financial aid during their first semesters at ICRS. Students enrolled beyond first semesters may apply for financial aid for two more semesters. Even if a student attends class part-time during a semester or withdraws in the middle of a term, that semester is counted towards the eight semesters of ICRS aid available to students.

How do I apply for ICRS Financial Aid?

Applying for Financial Aid can be a very simple and easy process. Everything begins with your filing of the Free Application form. Before getting started there are a couple of items that you should gather together before beginning the process of filling a Financial Aid form. For detail about the procedure, please contact our financial department.

All students accepted into the doctoral program are offered full tuition waivers and 36 months of a living stipend. After successfully completing the first year of study doctoral students can also apply for funds to attend conferences, visit archives, and study at a university abroad.

Do you have Health Care and Insurance?

Your mandatory health fee is covered by your Student Services/Health Insurance Fee which amount of IRD 600,000 for Indonesian student and US$66 for foreign students. This fee should be forfeit per semester.  This insurance covers limited hospitalization in Yogyakarta and does not cover the cost of medications, long term hospitalization or first class treatment outside of Yogyakarta.  In addition students have access to the Duta Wacana Christian University clinic which includes free consultation and free common medications.

Is there any a responsibility or contract for those who receive scholarship?

Applicants who are offered scholarships through ICRS must sign a contract that they intend to study full time and finish the Ph.D. program at ICRS.

What happens if I withdraw from all of my classes after receive  scholarship?

Students who drop out voluntarily in order to take a job or enter another program are required to repay all of the scholarship funds they have received from ICRS, including tuition, living allowance, books, etc.

If you believe you are qualified and interested in Financial Aid for your study at ICRS, please email us at ICRS will appraise your eligibility and award you with any financial support you meet based on your registration and if any grant eligibility is still available.