Lakoat.Kujawas and Village Revitalization Based on Mollo Tradition in East Nusa Tenggara

Monday, November 26th, 2018, 07:04 WIB


In the past, the strength of the cultural identity of the Mollo people was communicated between generations at the elaf, the festivals marking transitions in life and between seasons, through oral traditions, songs and dance. In building Lakoat.Kujawas, we believe the elaf model of mutual cooperation and collaborative work in a spirit of solidarity must be revived from the collective memory of the Mollo people and realized in today’s community—in libraries, gardens and homes—to reintegrate scattered threads into one integrated ecosystem involving churches, schools, village governments and residents, with the young generation as its center.  

From Mollo in Timor’s highlands, Dicky Senda is a writer who has published three short story collections and the founder of the social enterprise @Lakoat.Kujawas in his home village of Taiftob.  An integrated art community and library, it produces local food and hosts food and literature-themed cultural events for local children, farmers and women weavers.