Humanism, Human Development and Cosmopolitalism

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008, 00:00 WIB

Date : Friday, 21 November 2008
Time : 1 pm – 3 pm (free lunch)
Venue : Room 306, UGM Graduate School Jln. Teknika Utara Pogung YKT
Speaker : Caroline Suransky and Henk Manschot


Our current era of globalisation presents new challenges for human beings. We are confronted with three salient questions: exponential population growth, interculturalisation of all societies and a growing dissonance between human life and the biosphere. In our presentation we address these challenges from a Human Development - and Humanist perspective. Humanism as it developed in the West, has its roots in different strands of Greek and Roman philosophy.

The combination of these strands have produced conceptual tensions in Cosmopolitanism as a moral and political vision. Throughout history this tension has manifested itself in different ways. How do the current global issues challenge humanity and how can we draw inspiration from different religions and worldviews to address them? We will present some insights that Humanism offers in this regard.

About the speaker:

Dr. Caroline Suransky is Chair of the Promoting Pluralism Knowledge Programme, University for Humanist Studies, Utrecht, the Netherlands); Prof. Dr. Henk Manschot is Director of Kosmopolis, Utrecht, the Netherlands) . They both currently coordinate the ‘International Summer School on Human Development and Human Rights’, a joint initiative by the University for Humanistics, Kosmopolis and Hivos.

The forum is free of charge and on a first-come-first basis.

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