We are deeply thankful to God for the interest and excitement that ICRS has generated among people from all over the world.  As a consortium of Muslim, Christian and multireligious universities ICRS is opening new paths for positive inter-religious understanding. 
Financially, our task is daunting.  ICRS is committed to international partnerships, outstanding standards of academic excellence and stringent structures of financial accountability.  Graduate education is expensive and most of our students have very meager financial resources.  To build our faculty, attract excellent students and support international research and scholarship, ICRS must build a substantial financial base. 

  • If you believe in what we are doing, we encourage you to consider a financial gift to ICRS.  The following are ten ways through which you could support ICRS:
  • A one time gift to help build our endowment to support excellent faculty and students
  • A gift to endow a Chair in a particular area of religious studies
  • A pledge to give monthly support for ICRS (e.g. $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000)
  • A pledge to "adopt" a student, providing $5,000 per year towards their tuition and living costs for 4 years
  • A donation to the ICRS general scholarship fund
  • A donation for scholarships for a certain category of student, (e.g. women from Eastern Indonesia, or international students from a particular country (eg. China, Korea, Japan, Europe, Africa, etc.)
  • A gift of books and/or funds to help build the Graduate Library in Religious Studies
  • A gift to help fund student and faculty exchanges with universities in other countries
  • A gift to our long range building and equipment fund to provide larger facilities for our expanding program
  • A bequest to leave some part of your estate to support excellent, inter-religious education at ICRS

Gifts may be processed as follows:

Direct bank transfer to: 

Account Name    ICRS Yogya
Account Number   200329695 ( for US$ - dollar account)
   015323070 (for IDR - Indonesian Rupiah account)
Name of Bank  Bank BNI 46
Address of Bank

 BNI 46, Branch  Gadjah Mada University

 Jl. Persatuan No. 1, Bulaksumur

City, State and Zip Code  Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55281
Country if outside U.S.A.  INDONESIA









Payment through a U.S. registered non-profit organization (tax receipt provided):  Please write to ICRS for details and send to
Western Union money order sent to:
Attention: M. Kuncara Budi Santosa
Jl. Teknika Utara, Pogung
Yogyakarta 55281
Phone/Fax: +62 274 562570 / + 62 274 9528008

When sending a donation, please write to Kuncara ( telling us the date and amount of the donation and how it was paid.  We will then send you a thank you letter and receipt after the funds are received.
Thank you so much for considering being a part of ICRS.