ICRS attended EWCA Conference Bali

Thursday, January 8th, 2009, 00:00 WIB
On November 13-15, 2008, Dr. Wening (Faculty Member) and Elis (ICRS staff) participated the International Conference sponsored by the East West Center with the theme “Building an Asia Pacific Community: Unity in Diversity”. The said conference was held at Bali Paradise Hotel. The conference convened researchers, alumni, students, journalists, young leaders, entrepreneurs and experts on various fields. The EWC’s Board of Governors, President and Director also participated in the conference. There were approximately 530 participants during the Conference.

EWCA Conference gave the participants opportunity to broaden their knowledge on recent issues occurring in the regions throughout the plenary and panel sessions. The plenary session focused on the general issues, while the panel session discussed some specific issues. One of the general issues discussed was the Indonesian Economic Development in relation with the economic world, which was presented by Anies Baswedan who is the Rector of Paramadina University, Arifin Panigoro who is from Medco Foundation, Sofyan Wanadi from CSIS and some entrepreneurs from different countries. The specific issues that were discussed during the panel session included environment, human rights, mass media, education and leadership, social justice, religion in relation to art, gender in relation to health, violence and entrepreneurship. Interestingly, one discussion during the panel sessions was Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham Soetoro. The presenters were good friends of Ann Dunham; they were Kay Ikranegara, Julia Suryakusuma and Jerry Burris.

There was also a Film Presentation in addition to the panel and plenary sessions. Other Indonesian presenters included Meidyatama, Endy M. Bayuni from the Jakarta Post, Meutia Farida Hatta from the Minister of Women Empowerment, Irid Agoes from IIEF and Siswono Yudo Husodo who is the Former Minister of Housing and Transmigration. Other presenters came from the U. S, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, Timor Leste and Japan

As a representatives of ICRS-Yogya, Elis and Dr. Wening introduced the program to the East West Center key people included Charles E. Morrison who is the president of the East West Center, Nancy Lewis, Terance Bigalke, Gerard A. Finin etc. In addition to that, Elis and Dr. Wening also built networks with other institutions that shared the same commitment in building inter-religious dialogue and peace. For example, they met Dr. Glenn Shive from the Chinese University in Hongkong who knows the Center of Religion and Cross-Cultural Studies (CRCS), thus became interested in knowing ICRS-Yogya and a friend of Dr. John Raines. Furthermore, there were many people who also expressed their interest in the doctorate program, and are glad to expand networks with ICRS-Yogya and would see if there will be some possible programs that could be done together.