The Importance of Peace Education for the Youth in Singapore

Friday, June 10th, 2016, 14:54 WIB

leyaketPeace Education and the Youth’s Perception of Interfaith Relations in Contemporary Singapore is the title of Leyaket Ali Bin Mohamed Omar’s dissertation, which was presented by him at Doctoral Open Defense on June 6, 2016. Leyaket Ali was ICRS student from batch 2010 and he is the 17th alumnae of ICRS. In his research, Leyaket tries to analyze different efforts of peace education that escalate the interfaith relations awareness between young generations in Singapore.

Based on Pew Research Center released in 2014, Singapore is the most religiously diverse country in the world. The composition of religious believe in Singapore is Buddhists (33,9%), Christians (18,5%), Muslims (14,3%), Hindus (5,2%), Folk Religions (2,3%), other religious groups (Judaism, Jainism and Baha’i: 9,7%), and non-affiliation (16,4%). This kind of diversity is potential to lead people in Singapore down to identity conflicts. However, there is a way to guarantee people in Singapore to live in peace and harmony. That way is education, especially peace education.

Leyaket said in his presentation, precisely due to this diversity; education, specifically peace education, is one of the critical factors that allow people to live in harmony, side by side as citizens, neighbors, colleagues and school mates. It is essential to establish good interfaith relations to avoid conflict. For many young people, that is the main obvious reality about having good interfaith relations today.

Leyaket’s research mainly focuses on the different efforts of peace education that raise interfaith relations awareness between youths in Singapore. The field research was done by using survey questionnaires, interviews and online focus group discussion to capture youths’ perceptions on interfaith relations. “The research also aims to identify approaches that can contribute or fill the gap in the intellectual market, by increasing awareness of interfaith relations in peace education, as a factor for promoting harmonious living amongst youths and their relations with comrades of other faiths” he said. (admin)