The Power of INGAGE Alumnae: Bringing Values of Living Together through YIPC I

Monday, October 9th, 2017, 14:17 WIB

Youth Interfaith Peace Camp (YIPC) I – is an event that serves as a forum for Maluku youths with different religious backgrounds to share and learn about interfaith, tolerance and diversity. Supported by Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) and The Asia Foundation, YIPC I was held successfully on 29 – 30th September 2017 at Santai Beach (Latuhalat). This even was initiated by Eklin de Fretes, INGAGE Ambon 2016 alumnae who serve as the facilitator of this event; along with Zet A. Sandia, M.Sc from Ambon Reconciliation and Mediation Center (ARMC) IAIN Ambon as Interfaith & Pluralism presenter. 

Segregation was the main motivation of this event. In Maluku, interfaith interaction is very minimal and only occurs in formal public spaces such as offices, market, or campuses, said Eklin. YIPC I facilitator then introduce Living Values Education (LVE) to all 15 participants with Christian, Muslim, and Leluhur religious background to learn, share, as well as living among others in camps that fosters interfaith interaction. Samin and Diman, which are also INGAGE Ambon 2016 alumnae, participate in this series of event material that are: Pluralism and Interfaith with Pastoral Circle method by Zet A. Sandia, and Creative Writing to Foster Peace in Maluku (Menulis Kreatif untuk Merawat Damai di Maluku) by Priska Birahi. 

Enzo Appono expressed in his creative writing as follows: 

This event shows me many good things that every religion has in the world.No religion teaches their people to harm others. Here, I’ve learned one important thing, which is religion in itself is no evil except when its adherents irresponsibly utilize religion issues as a tool to carry out their pernicious mission”. 

One of Muslim participant of YIPC I, Sri Pemudi also mentioned “For me, this meeting is a blessing. All the bad prejudice has been gone in this encounter.” 

ICRS believe how powerful interfaith event impacted on their attenders. Through learning activities such as INGAGE and YIPC I, has been able to improve awareness of youth to continue the engagement and knowledge of interfaith. (mayang)