Managing Religious and Cultural Diversity between ASEAN Countries

Thursday, November 1st, 2018, 13:09 WIB

public lecture

ICRS in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs organized Public Lecture entitle Managing Religious & Cultural Diversity to Achieve Harmonious & Peaceful Sustainable Society (31/10) in UC UGM’s ballroom. Participants of this event are members of Asean Youth Interfaith Camp which derive from ASEAN countries and also students and lecturers of universities in Yogyakarta such as UGM, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, UKDW, and Sanata Dharma.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative, Mr. Jose Antonio Morato Tavarez (General Director of ASEAN Cooperation) in his opening remarks convey some ideas of peace and harmony in ASEAN region where he emphasizes the diversity of religions and cultures in ASEAN countries could become an opportunity and challenge in creating a peacefully ASEAN region. It required many collaborations and knowledge sharing between countries to develop common understanding about religious and cultural life in each nation state. Young generations will play an important role in this learning process. Program like ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp (AYIC) is one of many activities which can be held in promoting peace and harmony between ASEAN countries. The AYIC organizer is looking for future faith leaders from among ASEAN youth. The participants will have a first-hand experience of being exposed to Indonesia’s Unity in Diversity, through an exciting series of field visits and discussions.

On the same occasion, Dr. Dicky Sofjan (ICRS Core Doctoral Faculty) delivered his notions about managing religious and cultural diversity in Indonesia. His presentation explains that interfaith initiatives between young generations are very important. Program such as the ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp are plenty and are useful to get the young generation to come together, collaborate on projects and to learn from each other.  This will ultimately help the youths of ASEAN to build a harmonious, peaceful and sustainable society in this part of the world.