FGD on Sustainable, Smart, Peace & Just Urban Living

Monday, August 5th, 2019, 16:08 WIB


ICRS is currently running a community engagement program that focuses on the development of sustainable, just and smart urban living. The program is a response to the challenges that emerge around urban life issues. One of activities related to this program is Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and was implemented by ICRS on 26 July 2019. This FGD is an attempt to understand the perspectives of educational sector in regards of the topic. Resource person of this discussion is Dr. Najib Azca (Head of Center for Security and Peace Studies UGM) and moderated by Dr. Leonard C. Epafras (ICRS). In his presentation Doctor Azca explains that a crisis, turmoil is now happening in our daily life. “We are now dealing with crisis of civilization (the rise of intolerance), crisis of peace (the escalation of violence conflict), crisis of justice (justice only implied to those who have power) and environmental crisis (air pollution issues, garbage problems, etc.). These are challenges that we should facing with in our daily life as a citizens of the state” Doctor Azca Said.

In the same occasion Dr. Azca pointed out that the development of urban living and its discourse should provide spaces for restoration, reconciliation and hospitable place for everyone. Smart city is one of concepts to create a sustainable, peace, just and smart urban living. Smart city is an information technology-based discourse of the cultivation of urban life. The indicator of smart city is a summary of smart development planning, smart green open space, smart transportation, smart waste management, smart water management, smart building, smart waste management, smart building, and smart energy.

In this FGD ICRS invited teachers and students from several Senior High School ini Yogyakarta to actively engage in the discussion. The Senior High School teachers and students shared their experiences in the educational process. Their stories are important and strategic in responding the challenges and crisis in urban life, specifically in promoting sustainable peace and justice in society. The objectives of this FGD are:

  1. To explore the experiences of those involved in educational process (teachers and students) related to the purpose and idealism of the development of sustainable, peace, smart and just urban living.
  2. To obtain some precious ideas and practices (best practice) from education field to support the cultivation of sustainable, peace, smart and just urban living.
  3. To understand the expansion of digital world and its impact to the socio-religion relation between youth.

The output of this Focus Group Discussion is an academic paper and policy recommendation that will be submitted and disseminated to the stakeholders and policy makers.