Strengthening Collaboration with Indonesia in Promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief (FORB)

Monday, September 9th, 2019, 12:06 WIB


Denmark’s Special Representative for Freedom of Religion or Belief (FORB), Ambassador Michael Suhr, visited ICRS and UGM Graduate School on Thursday, September 5. The Office was established on January 1, 2018 by the Government of Denmark, following the European Union’s decision to appoint a Special Envoy on FORB in 2016. Based on its five-track mission, the Office is tasked to build cooperation projects with Indonesia and three other countries (Track 4). Also brought the delegation, which included the Danish Institute of Human Rights (Denmark’s Komnas HAM) and Mission Council to Rausyan Fikr, a Yogyakarta-based center of learning for Islamic philosophy that mostly derives from Persian thinkers and intellectuals.

In his remarks, Mr. Michael Suhr explained that it is a good opportunity for Denmark in strengthening collaboration with Indonesia in promoting freedom of religion or believe. Denmark’s government wants to learn more about local inter-religious dialogue in Indonesia to support the implementation of FORB Program in their country. Denmark also actively engages with countries in Asia and Africa in religious dialogue activity as a part of human rights campaign and promotions. 

Source: Dicky Sofjan’s Facebook