ICRS-Yogya is committed to the advancement of inter-religious study and to providing comprehensive dialogue to the complex challenges confronting day religious today. Through the ICRS Partnership, we able to gain access to the building blocks of better inter-religious culture, relation, dialogue and understanding. We provide the academic knowledge and research, educational experience and expertise, and strategic planning and performance improvement programs you need to build a better day school.

ICRS partner institutions play an important role in developing and implementing its programs. Through its network of colleges and universities, ICRS able to conduct quality of inter-religious studies, arrange the faculty development, and build a mutual inter-religious dialogue. The ICRS’s partner institutions include the following:



Cape Town University, Cape Town, South Africa;
Duke University, Durham, NC, USA;
Florida International University, Florida, USA
Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, USA
Ondokuz Mayis, Turkey;
Hartford Seminary Hartford, CN, USA;
Melbourne University, Australia
National University of Singapore, Asia Research Institute, Singapore.
Kolose Igantius, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Monash University, Australia
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY, USA.
The Centre For The Study of Culture and Society, Bengalore, India.


Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation committed to grant financial support for period of 5 years. Further, FF already support fund for international conference and bridging fund which held by ICRS-Yogya.

Henry Luce Foundation
Special grant for period of three years, especially for students exchange program ICRS-Yogya and CRCS (Master degree ) for study at united Stated and vice versa students from United State to study at ICRS-Yogya.

Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)
Support scholarship for six students for 4 years study at ICRS-Yogya. The scholarship includes institutional fee, sandwich program, books, and partial living cost.
United Board
United Board has a strong commitment to ICRS-Yogya by providing scholarship to students from regional and Indonesia. For the 2010/2011 academic year, United Board has committed to provide scholarships for five regional students and six Indonesian students.
ICRS-Yogya, also received support from United Board to implement projects Digitalizing Inter-Religious Discourse. This project aims to develop a ICRS-Yogya website, movie production and editing about Bridgebuilding Conference. Further, United Board is a main sponsor for Community Action Interfaith Seminars, and produce a video on History of Religious in Indonesia.

Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
ICRS-Yogya held a join conference on Theological Exploration by Christian and Muslim on June 15 - 20, 2009 with fully supported by LWF.

Asian Research Institute (ARI NUS)
An International conference on Marriage, Culture, and Poverty in Southeast Asia was held by ICRS-Yogya and supported by ARI NUS.

The Presbyterian Church USA (PC USA)
Providing assistance on provision of the English teachers in order to improve the quality of the English language of ICRS-Yogya’s students. PC USA also support amount of fund annually which include the salary director of ICRS-Yogya.