Conference on “Globalization: Challenges and Opportunity for Religion” (March – July 2008.)

ICRS in collaboration with CRCS UGM, held three progressive workshops and an International Conference on “Globalization: Challenges and Opportunity for Religions.” The project’s main concern was to initiate a dialogue which involved not only people who already familiar with the inter-religious dialogue, but also those which are usually excluded, including the groups we identify (for internal purpose) as “conservative”, “fundamentalist”, or even “radical”.


The first workshop started by exploring how participants understand globalization: from theoretical definition of globalization and its history to its influences on daily life. The second workshop focused on the material impact of globalization. The third workshop discussed how religious communities are supposed to respectfully and positively express their authentic symbols and identities in this pluralistic global village.


The conference involved participants and speakers from a wide public and a balanced variety of religious background, nationalities, and field of interest. This series of workshop and conference were supported by the Oslo Coalition and Hivos Regional Office in Jakarta. In addition, with the support of the United Board of Christian Higher Education (UBCHEA), we produced a 15-minute documentary film in DVD format. This film was shot and edited with professional help. It was not served as documentary of events, but it also brought the ideas of Bridge Building to wider audience, to be watched and used by people who did not attend the workshop or the conference. The DVD uses two language, Bahasa and English.