Dicky Sofjan

Dicky Sofjan



  • Core Doctoral Faculty of ICRS (international Ph.D. program on Inter-Religious Studies), located in the UGM Postgraduate
  • Postgraduate Lecturer in Political Science and American Studies Program, UGM
  • Member, Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Community, The Nippon Foundation (since 2008)
  • Member, Bi-National Review Committee and Selection Panel of Fulbright-AMINEF (since 2011)
  • Member, American Academy of Religion (since 2011)
  • Founder/Chairman of INA Frontier (Indonesian Learning & Social Enterprise) (since 2009)


  • Principal Investigator for 3-year Research Project on “Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia (2013-2016) involving  nine countries i.e. Indonesia, Singapore,  Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Thailand and the USA, sponsored by Henry Luce Foundation based in New York
  • Researcher on “Sustainability and Spirituality in the Asian Context” (2013-2014), an extension of the API Regional Project on “Community-based Initiatives toward Human-Ecological Balance” in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan (2008-2012)




National University of Singapore (NUS)

Ph.D. in Political Science, 2006



Northeastern University (NEU)

M.A. in Political Science & International Relations, 2001

Boston-Massachusetts, USA


Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

M.P.P. in Public Policy, 1999

Brunei Darussalam


UniversitasPadjadjaran (UNPAD)

B.A. in International Relations, 1997

Bandung, Indonesia


SMAN 70 Bulungan

Jakarta, Indonesia


Fortismere Secondary School

London, U.K.


Coldfall Primary School

London, U.K.


Crown Street Public School

Sydney, Australia




The Henry Luce Foundation

Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid (Cordaid)

The Nippon Foundation’s API Regional Project

Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Fellowship





The Nippon Foundation and LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)



National University of Singapore (NUS) Research Scholarship



J. William Fulbright Award (United States Information Agency) (currently, member of the Fulbright/AMINEF Bi-National Review Committee and Selection Panel since 2011)



ASEAN Scholarship from the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam



Istituto per ilCommercio con l‟Estero (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade)



Chevenings Award (British Foreign and Commonwealth Office)



ASEAN Visiting Student Fellowship (Singapore International Foundation)



Courses Taught

  • Religion, Identity and Multiculturalism (Ph.D. level, English)
  • Religion in the Public Sphere (Ph.D. level, English)
  • Religion and Human Rights (Ph.D. level, English)
  • Religion and the State in Southeast Asia(Ph.D. level, English)
  • The Politics of Intermediary (Masters level, Indonesian)
  • Identity Politics and Multiculturalism (Masters level, Indonesian)
  • American Political System (Masters level, Bilingual)
  • American Foreign Policy (Masters level, Bilingual)
  • Democracy, Civil Society and Governance (Masters level, Indonesian)
  • Indonesian Foreign Policy (Bachelors level, Bilingual)
  • International Communication (Bachelors level, Bilingual)
  • English Speaking (Bachelors level, Bilingual)
  • Introduction to Political Science (Bachelors level, English)
  • Government and Politics of Singapore (Bachelors level, English), etc.




InstitutKajian Malaysia danAntaraBangsa (IKMAS) UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia



Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University, Japan



Tehran International Studies and Research Institute (TISRI), Iran




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  • “Making Connections Across the Region” in Living Landscapes, Connected Communities: Culture, Environment and Change Across Asia by Justine Vaz and NarumolAphinives (editors), Areca Books, Penang-Malaysia (2014). ISBN: 978-967-5719-11-0
  • “SejarahdanBudayaSyiah di Asia Tenggara” (edited volume), UGM Postgraduate School, Yogyakarta (2013). ISBN: 979-979-25-0118-6
  • “Religion and Television in Indonesia: Ethical Issues Surrounding Dakwahtainment” published by Globethics.net, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013. ISBN:978-2-940428-78-6 (online version) and 978-2-940428-79-3 (print version)
  • “Agama danTelevisi: EtikaSeputar Dakwahtainment” (translation) published by Globethics.net, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013. ISBNs: 978-2-940428-78-6 (online version) and 978-2-940428-79-3 (print version)
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  • “Behind Closed Doors:  Managing Ethnic Minority Issues in Singapore” in Public Policy Conflicts: Proceedings of the Third Southeast Asian Conflict Studies Network Regional Workshop: KhonKaen, Thailand and Vientiane, Lao PDR, May 6-8, 2002 (by SuwitLaohasiriwong and David J. H. Blake (editors), Southeast Asian Conflict Studies Network- Thailand). ISBNs: 9789743282003, 9743282009
  • Book Review (invited) on “Civil Islam: Muslims and Democratization in Indonesia” in Journal of Studies in Contemporary Islam, Youngstown University, Ohio, Vol. II, No.1, Spring 2001. Cited by Princeton University Press [See:http://pup.princeton.edu/titles/6966.html]
  • Menentang  Negara  Sekular  (editor  for  translated  version)  (The  New  Cold  War: Religious Nationalism Confronts the Secular State by Mark Juergensmeyer), Bandung: PenerbitMizan, 1998. ISBN: 9794331600
  • Islam dan Mitos Konfrontasi (editor for translated version) (Islam and the Myth of Confrontation by Fred Halliday), Bandung: PenerbitMizan