Scholarships & Financial Aids

ICRS offers full and partial scholarships for qualified students:

In addition, ICRS-Yogya also provides a Work-Study Program where students may get additional funding for their living costs and gain experience (this is applicable only for students who receive partial scholarships).

For those who are interested in applying scholarships from the Ford Foundation, IIEF, United Board, and BPPS, please fill in the Financial Aid Form along with the ICRS application Form. The Financial Aid Committee and the Admission Committee then will review your scholarship application.

Ford Foundation Scholarship/IIEF

This scholarship provides funds to cover student's tuition fee for 4 years, a book allowance each semester, Sandwich Program in a Southern Hemisphere Country for a semester, and partial living allowance. Students who receive this scholarship are eligible to apply for the Work Study program where they may get some additional funds to cover their living allowance.

United Board from Christian Higher Education (UBCHEA)

This scholarship is a full scholarship that covers all expenses for the 4 year program at ICRS-Yogya. The scholarship will cover the tuition fee, book allowance, Sandwich Program, and a modest monthly living allowance. This scholarship is only available for faculty who employed by the institutions which are partner of the United Board. Please click here to see the list of United Board Institutions patners.


BPPS is a scholarship from the Indonesian Higher Education (Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi, DIKTI). This scholarship is eligible for Indonesian lecturers only. This scholarship covers a modest living allowance, research funds, tuition fee, and book allowance.

The Henry Luce Foundation

The Luce Foundation provides a semester Sandwich Program in a Foreign University. The fund will cover round trip travel expenses (including visa and taxes), housing, local transportation, book allowance and health insurance.

The Habibie Center

The Habibie Center provides scholarship for doctoral study. The scholarship is given in two periods (May and November) each year.

Scholarship from Direktorat Pendidikan Tinggi Islam (DIKTIS)

This Scholarship covers a modest living allowance, research funds, tuition fee, and book allowance. The application for the scholarship is opened in June each year.